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Thread: Downloading movies/Bittorrent and Limewire Horrible

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    I can't seem to get utorrent to download movies i find on isohunt. It says there are hundreds of peers althought i can't get speeds above 5k. I'm using verizon dsl and i get faster internet using a dynamic Ip. I can't get my port to forward correctly and if that's the problem it's ridculous.

    Also, I can't find any movies im looking for on limewire basic.

    maybe there's a better filesharing program to download movies or maybe i can increase my torrent download speeds without a static IP. I am as frusterated as openheimer is.

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    alright after hours of troubleshooting, and calls to customer service, and downloading new azureus, I've finally download a movie only to find it didn't work! Where's the best place to find reliable movies? The websites i tried in your forum above only gave me corrupt files.

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    Private trakers!
    We get such quastions all the time.
    Try private sites such as,,,, etc..
    These sites will give you a lot better speeds and 99.99% uncorrupted files!
    As for your forwarding problem go this site

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    thanks buddy

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    Yeah private trackers are good, but I wonder if can solve the underlying problem.

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