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Thread: All Users: Please Enable Encryption!

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    To all BitTorrent users:

    Please enable encryption if your client allows

    After much tinkering and frustration at my ISP installing packet shaping for all P2P traffic, I have found that a way round it is to enable protocol encryption if your client allows it. It only works if both ends of the connection are enabled in this way so this is why I'm asking all users to enable it, even if your ISP hasn't started packet shaping/throttling yet.

    To the best of my knowledge, it won't impact your connection if you are not being packet shaped, but for all us that are it will help a great deal.

    Packet shaping is coming more and more common as the forums here will tell you.

    As of right now, (only) the following clients support encryption:

    [last updated March 11th 2006]
    -uTorrent 1.5
    -BitComet 0.63

    [last updated April 3rd 2006]
    I have found some helpful snapshots showing how to enable encryption in each of the 3 compatible clients...


    BITCOMET 0.63


    First, you'll have to switch to Intermediate mode to make the encryption settings visible.

    Then you can set your settings as shown below.

    Below are links to the official client sites explaining the various different settings.

    This will tell you Azureus users all you need to know:

    The above link will take you directly to "how to enable encryption", but I recommend reading through the entire page anyway. It's an interesting read and will explain it far better then I can.

    And for uTorrent 1.5 users, all you need to know:

    Thanking you all in advance.

    Together, we can beat the evil of packet shaping!
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    encryption would slow down your upload/download not speed it up!

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    You are wrong.

    Please re-read my above post.

    Usage of encryption results in a huge speed improvement.
    I consider 10x huge.

    Ofcourse, that's because I am a throttled user.
    If I don't use encryption. My ISP can see I'm transfering bittorrent traffic, and I'm throttled to 1kb/s speeds.

    I'm not the only one either. With me are perhaps tens of thousands of other throttled people, worldwide.

    Imagine the speed gain if all these people and everyone else were to use Encryption.

    Please, just read this page of the Azureus wiki:
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    yes it will huge speed improvement for ppl that are cap of there ISP.
    I have no problem with it but when i enable encryption it is way slower.
    And the server i use have not the options.
    So please them me to keep the speed the same and then i willthink about it.

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    Im waiting for your isp to start limiting sending of large amounts of encrypted data now.

    the fact your sending encrypted data to multiple sources instantly gives it away that its bittorent traffic. If you where using sftp, https or a vpn it all goes to one source.

    If all the major clients start using this expect it to become useless soon.

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    who me?
    I think its only encrypted headers or something like that, not totally encrypted data files. I think. i turned it on a few days ago, and my speeds are just where they are always at. works fine

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    Seems this an interesting feature for the BT community. Cant see it in theory slowing traffic for those that enable it but can clearly understand why it could increase traffic for those that are throttled. If this were to become commonly used not sure how those that throttle would deal with it. At the very least this could keep a step in front of the issue for now.

    Some Quotes:
    Over the months we have been getting more and more complaints from our users about their ISPs blocking BitTorrent downloads, often rendering Azureus (and BitTorrent in general) completely useless to them. Naturally, some sort of protocol encryption has been one of the top feature requests, which we have obliged, since people should be free to choose which programs to use, not their ISP. This is crucial for the health of the BitTorrent community as a whole, as more and more ISPs shut out their users arbitrarily.
    With plain BitTorrent connections the peers engage in an easily recognizable protocol handshake when setting up a connection for data transfer. End-to-end encryption inserts an initial handshake which is not easy to recognize (it appears to be random data) and allows a secret key to be shared between the peers. This secret key can then be used to encrypt the subsequent BitTorrent protocol, thus securing both the recognizable regular handshake and the following data stream.
    Detecting a file-sharing protocol is easily recognized by specific byte patters (in this case the BitTorrent handshake.) Yet if this handshake is encrypted to appear as little more than random data, Packeteer and its ilk may become powerless.
    We really don't know what measures ISPs will attempt to counter the encryption, if at all. It's likely much easier to just filter connections based on actual usage than on particular protocol identification. All we can do is release and see what time will tell.
    With the rollout of Azurues 2.4, expectations and anticipations are running high on both sides of the debate. Azureus 2.4 will represent the first large scale and wide spread useage of this brave new concept, and will settle much of the debate on its effectiveness. Which side the debate settles on however, will be answered soon enough.
    Think this should be pinned for at a while least...
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    Thank you RealitY, for stickying this topic and for quoting the Azureus interview regarding Protocol Encryption at

    Also, for those interested, there's the uTorrent interview regarding Protcol Encryption.

    Speaking as a shaped user, I hope more people will soon start to realize the importance of enabling encryption.

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    What about the other 2 options for allowing non-encrypting incoming/outgoing connections??

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    How do you know if your a shaped user?

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