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Thread: playstation 2 chip

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    I'm downloading some ps2 games from and it is a ISO file, i know i have to use dvd encrypter and also a burning program, i dont know which yet. But I have read that you need a chip to place in your ps2. Can anyone tell me which chip is good for downloaded and copies original games???

    ps: does anyone know a good guide for making downloaded games ??


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    1) dvd decrypter can also burn discs. MODE: ISO WRITE.

    2) mod chips: dms 4, matrix infinity, or crystal. those are all supposed to be good. if you are not highly skilled at doing delicate work with a fine-tip soldering iron, then don't even try it, have a professional installer do it for you. a ps2 mod chip requires many solder connections and they are very small.

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    solderless modchips are neato.
    easy to install.
    a bit more expensive, but i think worth it...

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    i highly recommend the crystal 1.1 chip. same features as the other chips, but it autopatches DNAS, so u don't have to mess with the game image to play online

    it's also not very expensive

    u should send ur ps2 to a mod service (,,, these are all very reliable and known as the best modders.

    i got mine modded with crystal chip 1.1. it's just amazing. just amazing


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