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    I have recently downloaded AOM and a nero version, and attempted to follow the instgructions in the FAQs to burn the first disc to cd. However, i can not open the file without running winzip. evfen the unzipped file activates this programme and i cannot access the bins and cues as described. I am new to this so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    What kind of file is it?

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    Are you saying you can't open a zip file to access your bin and cue files?

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    U'll have to be more specific, as far as I understod, U got the image in a .zip file, then U are successfully able to extract the files in the zip, however once extracted U arent' able to do anything with the files. U will have to provide the name of the files wich were in the zip (file extensions, like .zip. or .exe), and the program wich U refer to "... activates this programme..".


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