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Thread: got a quick question...

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    Ok I made a bad move by deleting cyberlink powerdvd XP. Now I can't play dvd's on my computer. I've tried in windows media player and I get some error message. I heard of some other ones like windvd that i can get but I don't want to pay anything. I was wondering if I could send a program that I use to play dvd's on another computer to this one and if it would work. Or I was hoping i could get some suggestions for free programs that can play dvd's. I'm a newbie so sorry if i sound stupid

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    I suggest you have a look around our filesharing will bound to get some ideas of what you can get free from there...

    I use VLC player myself as it plays most things.

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    thanks a ton...I downloaded it and I just tested it and it works thanks again.


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