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Thread: Blocked Tcp port

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    Here on the resnet at the college, for some reason, they block the emule tcp port. it doesn't seem to matter what the tcp port it, it is blocked. i have tried to use the port that is used by ares, which runs great, and it still is blocked. I can connect just fine to any server, but I get a low ID. I can search and find files, and even find users for them, but over the course of a day, I might download 400kb on my 44mb/s connection. any idea of how to download files off the emule network?

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    you get low id because you are on whats considered a corporate lan.

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    That, and your campus might be blocking emule connections.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tempestv View Post
    Here on the resnet at the college, <--snip-->
    but I get a low ID... any idea of how to download files off the emule network?
    Just because you have a low id does not mean that you cannot download files off the emule network.. you shall just not be able to download off the other lowid clients.. which form about 30% of the total.. just select files with lots of people sharing the same and you shall face no problems.

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    how do you get emule to work with McAfee?

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    just forward your router

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    Quote Originally Posted by m000dy View Post
    just forward your router
    How? He's at college and doesn't have the access to do such a thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhollin1 View Post
    how do you get emule to work with McAfee?
    You will probably need to remove McAfee, as this is a one of the resource hogs of the firewall world, and can be a pig to allow certain applications to work..

    Perhap you better try Kaspersky Internet security...

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    Not 100% sure but even Kaspersky is a memory hog.. NOD32 would be my choice. I use `avast' along with `sygate personal firewall' (yes had downloaded that when it was free and not yet taken over by Symantec), and have never faced any problems..


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