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Thread: dj kentaro: on the wheels of solid steel

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    ok this is a long shot as i'm sure not many people have heard of it but i've been looking for this cd everywhere and finaly found the torrent on but nobody is seeding it and i cant get it downloading. if anybody has it and could help me out it would be really appreciated!

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    Hey mate, I have this.

    Trouble is, I got it from a private tracker (, so I can't just give you a link. Know of anywhere I can host a 100MB rar file?

    I can't help seed on as it's a different file (same album tho obviously).

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    hey i dont really know enough about file sharing to know how to host a file, is it the same as hosting a torrent on torrentspy or whatever? if so i would really appreciate it if you could upload it anywhere!

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    OK, I've uploaded it to

    You can find the torrent here.

    I've not uploaded a torrent for a long while, so let me know if for any reason it's not working and I'll try and sort it out.

    I've had to limit my upload right now cos my bro is playing Counter-Strike, but in an hour I'll put it up to max - thats only about 30 kB/s, but leave it running and you should get it in an hour or so.
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    thanks man you are a diamond! this is such a cool album, i will seed it for as long as i can so others can enjoy! i would probablly disagree with it being catagorized as hip-hop though i'd ssay it was electro with elements of hip hop. thanks again though!

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