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Thread: System freezing up

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    I have an AMD 2800 with 1 gig of memory and a 440MX Nvidia G-force card w/128 mg memory (or 64 -can't remember for sure) and I am having some probs. It seems to shutdown while playing CODUO or freeze up when game play gets really intense. I have all my graphics settings at normal.
    I have an overclock utility called easy tune4 provided by my motherboard manuf. I have a gigabyte 7s748 mb.

    So...should I or could I attemp to overclock my system. I run at around 60 degrees celcius with a cpu fan, 2 system fans, and a fan on my graphics card. That seems kinda high to me with 4 fans going in my box. Any ideas other than upgrading my firmware which I'm off to do right now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skizo
    ...I am having some probs. It seems to shutdown while playing CODUO or freeze up when game play gets really intense...

    So...should I or could I attemp to overclock my system...
    Are you thinking that overclocking will solve your problem? I think the opposite. Don't even think about overclocking until everything works perfectly and is running cool.

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    The temp 60C is a big warning. 4 fans means nothing or worse if they're not sucking in cool air & expelling hot air. Not a given even with a 100 fans. What is the airflow doing in your case? I can't answer on the data provided.

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    60C is not what you want at default speeds...especially with an amd getting below 30C for all parts with 2 fans and cpu fan and gfx card fan...figure out whats wrong first before you overclock...also try and get a good could have 2 fans blowing air out but that wont help...

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    If you built this system yourself and are using a stock cpu cooler and the crappy pink thermal stuff it comes with you might consider removing it cleaning things up and reinstalling with a good thermal paste like artic silver or even replace the stock cooler with a better one. Memory can cause lockups too. A good thing to try before you do anything is to go into your bios and set the system back to defaults to see if that cools things down, this will reset any memory over clocking as well as cpu overclocking back to defaut settings whether you changed them or some app did it for you. Check that your fans are going in the right direction (in the front out the back). Don't crowd your video card move any cards next to it to another slot if you can. Check any fan filters you may have to see if they are blocked up. Check your cpu's heatsink to see if it is clean and not full of dust.


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