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Thread: Divx Help

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    hi i just downloaded the movie red dawn. while trying to burn it to a cd for my divx player, i converted it to a .rar file. Now when i try to burn it, i can fit only about 5 of 97 files to a single cd and it wont even play on my divx player. what do i need to do to watch it on my divx player? do i need to convert anything?

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    Ok, from what I understand,
    you burned a bunch of .rar files into a CD, right?

    Ok, that's waht you did wrong,
    cus a Divx compatible player will play only .avi(DivX) files, and maybe mpeg or wmv.
    But Im pretty shure it won't play rar, as you know thats just a compressed file.

    I can't be of any more help, I need to know:
    did I understood right?, are you certain that it is an avi(divx) file?,
    what size is the the file?

    to play a downloaded DivX movie on your Player, yo just burn it as it is into a CD (or DVD if needed),
    and pot it in the player.

    by the way: "Welcome to filesharingtalk, chrisco133"
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    No wonder you can also try to burn the divx as a MPEG 2 super video disk {SVCD} to make it play in normal VCD players that do not support Divx...

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    i did convert it to a rar file because i didnt know what i was doing. now i need to know if there is any way i can convert to an avi file or other divx compatible format?

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    Extract the rar files with WinRAR.

    Rar is not a video format, it's a file compression/storage format.


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