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Thread: Does anybody know

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    It took so long to wait for half-life2 to come out i was just wondering if anybody knew anything about this.
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    Probably not for a while yet.

    The first expansion pack for HL2 comes out in April I think, and Valve have announced that that will be the beginning of a regular flow of episodic content for the game, so I think they've got their hands full for now.

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    April 24th at the moment is the release date on Aftermath

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    subject to change though, dont know if you rember that HL2 was delayed 2 years...not that that was valve's fault

    A hacker stole some of the game and it had to be redone

    form what I've heard he stole part of the game with levals and all and he used tectures and decals from the E3 preview to make a very unstable but working part of the game. Levals had to be loaded through the console and various other obstacles.

    The original HL2 was actually much longer and from movies I've seen looked better...ah well

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