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Thread: kceasy- one network connects right away, the other two donot

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    Feb 2006
    for a while here I have been running ares and limewire, then one day they just stopped working. I know that they were working for other people, so the school isn't blocking them as far as I can tell, figured I would run KCeasy, so since I was reloading windows anyways, I only reinstalled KCeasy. for some reason, I can't connect to ares or gnutella networks. the other one connects right away. individualy ares would connect but not download at all and limewire would not connect. I know that the programs are working for other people what gives?
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    have you tried d/l a newer version of ares or limewire?...if u have an older version and a new one is out...the old one doesnt work very well.


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