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Thread: HELP with bittorrent

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    ok i need help fast i'm so confused.I had bitlord and was using torrent reactor for downloads but i wanted better and faster so i tryed bitcomet but am unable to download a lot of files?and thought it was extremely slow,then tried utorrent but didn't like the look of it,what should i try now?i just want a simple easy to install faster program???maybe i'm doing it wrong aaahhhh

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    Ive used Azerus fo a long time although speed isnt based on client generally.
    I get more connectiions with it though so better speeds in theory...

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    ok i'v downloaded azureus and might seem like a silly question but where do i find the downloads? also is bitcomet the same thing as azureus? thanx

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    Try to keep your posts if theyre on the same issue in one thread as theres no need to create a new thread in this situation nor a reason to post the same question twice as it clutters the forum. Ive merged the threads and deleted the dup posts...

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    all clients are they same but it varies due to what the programmers have in each program. bitcomet uses less memory then azuerus but is banned from a lot of private sites.

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    Hi,might sound like a silly question but i have just downloaded azureus can you tell me how i find things to download?thanx

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    start at

    you might wanna download the autospeed plugin too

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    good luck, and welcome to the wonderful world of torrents


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