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Thread: Multiplayer Lan Games

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    So anyone have any good suggestions on what multi player lan games there are...

    so far i am playing diablo 2: lod with my brother... next im going to replay starcraft....

    my computer is a P4 2.66ghz; 80gbs
    his is a P2 300mhz; Hard Drive 2gbs

    ------> so anything good?

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    half life cs, is always fun... moh:spearhead is pretty good, but nothing beats Battlefield 1942!!

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    c&c generals
    day of defeat

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    Originally posted by amphoteric88@23 April 2003 - 00:31
    c&c generals
    day of defeat
    right... i forgot to put c&c generals on my list.... good call!

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    Yeah, the above games rock if U'r into FPS's (first person shooters), however, a very old, but very good game that I used to play like a maniac was Heroes of Might and Magic II + expansion, definitely worth a shot (don't even look at HM&M 4, it's gay )....and I also played a fair amount of Age of Empires II, but that was mostly on the internet.

    Other games wich I havent played but are famous for LAN play are: Decent 3, Unreal Tournament (I and 2K3)...ummm, guess that's it

    p.s: and all the above mentioned games run just fine on a P2 300 (xept fot UT 2003 of course)

    c&c generals
    day of defeat
    moh:spearhead is pretty good, but nothing beats Battlefield 1942!!
    and exactly wich miracle is supposed to make these games run on a P2 300Mhz??

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    have you tried downloading americas army?

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    sorry the website is if anyone wants to go on it?
    then go to download then you have t go on another website to download it
    it is about 320mb then it plays like a dream

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    awww every thing is first shooter... well imma go dl battlefield and see how it is for now...


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