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Thread: avi to iso?

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    How can I convert an avi movie to an iso with a program that's completely free with no trials or anything.

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    to iso? If you mean avi to DVD/VCD then winAVi is your friend.

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    yea I could go directly to dvd i guess but I looked at winavi and it says you have to pay for it. Also online people said that the free trial is useless since it has nag screens all over the movie when you try to play it. Where did you get winavi and could you possibly send the link?

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    Avi2Dvd is freeware and just a google away. Doom 9's website would be a good link to go to since it has alot of open Source software to pick from. Avi2Dvd is not one of those quicky converters it takes its time and gives good results. The only problem I have with it is coverting Pal to Ntsc avi's, The HCEnc encoder does the best job at it but if it happens to be widescreen and your going to play the Dvd on a regular TV you have to do some editing to the Ifo files before you make your Iso to remove the Pan&Scan setting it creates to prevent the picture going off screen to the sides on a non-widescreen TV. But its easy enough using IfoEdit (also freeware at Doom 9) to open the Ifo's and double click on the 9x16 file line(s) and uncheck Pan&Scan then save. Avi2Dvd has four or five different encoders to choose from and if you don't mind a slightly choppy movie you don't have to use HCEnc for widescreen pal to ntsc conversion. It also supports 5.1 audio so if your avi has it you don't have to give it up during conversion like TMPGEnc does.
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