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Thread: New Hard Drive

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    I am starting to get problems with my hard drive and I have worked out it is nackered. I will get a new one but gont know how to get my pc to detect it.

    I know I have to do it in bios but could someone tell me in simple terms and step by step, please.

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    you shouldnt have to do anything in the bios.

    If only have one hard drive in your system heres the process, this is assuming ur running xp also.

    1. Plug the drive into the second ide connect that your first hard drive is on.
    2. Set it as a slave on the back of the drive, via the jumpers, read the manual on the new drive, or there will be a diagram on the drive.
    3. Boot up your machine, xp should detect the new drive, and then you can format it, either in the new hardware wizard, or do it manually in windows explorer.
    4. assuming your old hard is taking a shit, you may want to use norton ghost, to copy a image of your old drive to the new one.
    5. then switch the jumpers on the hard drive, the new one, to master, and remove the old drive which is dieing, and boot up again.

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    Depends on the bios, some it's best to do an auto detect. If you don't the bios will search for the drive at every boot which slows down your boot up time.


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