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Thread: update emule / update here don't work for me

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    i do as instructed to add servers, a box comes up indicating that i'm downloading server.met, but the bar doesn't move and the box pops off after just a few seconds.

    i've tried downloading servers with my firewall off but the same thing happens so i dont see how it could be the ports.

    someone please assist. also, i am not of the computer generation so please take note of this in your explanation.

    and yes, i have mastered how to share my own original cd rips. just check out the essential johnny horton by bigdogbluesky. that's from me. many people have it now. my mother taught me well to share my toys. i was brought up making model battleships and hot rods though, not on supermario. so please help!

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    for that to work you have to enter a valid url.

    if you have the box checked in "options" "update server list when connecting to a server" then the server list will stay updated.

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    box is checked. dont know what a valid url is. i follow the instructios. the server list doenst uptdate. i have no servers. can anyone help with simple advice in plain english?
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    ok sorry

    this will give you servers


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