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Thread: Opinions?

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    I am looking into a buying a "budget" notebook, I think that I've found a pretty decent one, but I was wondering if anyone could provide their opinion on whether it's as "decent" as I'm assuming. I'm assuming that the sempron processors are clocked roughly the same way as the Athlon XP 3300+, though I've heard that sempron's were a little more stable and cooler. Speaking of which, should I opt for the the semprons, or Turion 64's?

    I know that I'm gonna have to upgrade the RAM. Planning on replacing the 2x 256 sticks with a corsair 1GB stick.

    I'm completely open to other AMD notebook suggestions, within the $800 range...

    Edit: Another question: What are the SiS Mirage 2 Gfx cards comparable to on desktop PC gfx cards?
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    there really isn't much "budget" about the Acers except for the price IMO
    my mom got an Acer and its built pretty damned good, for only ~$600
    it has the 3000+ Mobile Semp @ 1.8 GHz, Radeon Xpress 200, and it runs smooooooth
    only 256MB RAM though, I think....

    as for the Mobile Semps being clocked like the Athlon XPs....
    dont think it's quite the same, and you probably have a 256K L2,
    whereas the high end Athlon XPs had 512, and higher clock speeds, didn't they?
    did they even have an Athlon 3300?
    thought it jumped form 3100 to 3500.... really doesn't matter, it's a decent laptop
    don't know about gaming capabilities, wouldn't think it would be great w/ onboard gfx,
    but still a hell of a nice machine for the price

    -edit- wouldn't you be able to get 2x 512MB cheaper than 1x 1GB?
    and be running in dual channel.....

    -edit again- one more thought....
    I think the Acers only have about an hour's worth of battery life
    about the only drawback that I could see with their laptops
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    Obviously, the Turions are better than Mobile Semprons, but that's reflected in the price.

    I think you should extend your budget a little and get one of these.

    In fact I think you should get 2 and send 1 to me for giving you such good advice. Don't worry, I'll pay for the shipping.
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    Believe me, not much would make me happier then being able to afford a really nice laptop... Though I think if I did have the money for that, I'd probably get a alienware. ^^

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