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Thread: Cd Buying

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    I was just wondering how many people here actually still buy CDs? I am do no agree with the RIAA but I still like to support bands and really do feel guilty about burning a bands CD, so I usually download 2-3 songs from a band and then buy the CD (if I like it). Just wondering what evryone else does.

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    I agree with you on that one. People have got to keep buying music or else there'll only be a limited number of tunes out there to share. Personally, I buy music every couple of days depending on whether anything good is in the shops. I go for Vinyl mostly but occasionally I buy a CD or two. It's an addiction I can't curb!!!
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    To be honest i am never buying a CD ever again(as long as i can continue getting it at resonable quality for free) and i haven't for a while now.
    Their would have to be a big change either how we download music, or in the way music is sold<<such as music companies are now putting bonus dvd&#39;s in with the music(but still i dont find that too appealing, even if i wanted to see the dvd i&#39;d just go download it anyway )
    I know this is ripping the artists i like off but hey what can you do

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    I still buy music, although I buy a lot less than before. However, I&#39;m completely satisfied with what I purchase because I have "previewed" it online. I prefer play for pay, which is to say, I pay to see these bands live, instead of purchasing their CDs. This is the most direct way to support the bands, without supporting the corporate greed which is ruining the music industry.
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    I havent bought a cd since the fifth grade (i am in the eighth grade now). If I had a job and had a car I would LOVE to visit my local Warehouse or Tower Records to buy a couple of cd&#39;s because I believe in supporting artist, but the cost these days are ridiculous. It only cost about &#036;1.50 to make one audio cd for resale yet they still seem to charge 15 dollars for just one cd. I think the RIAA should not be looking at kazaa or any other p2p because its PARTLY not kazaa&#39;s fault. Its the fact cd&#39;s cost way to much money and right now we are in a ever struggling economy.

    Because of all this a lot of music shops in my area are out of business. People should start complaining about the prices to the RIAA.

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    I never buy cd&#39;s either. But if there a cd that i really like ill buy it. But i do however think that more ppl should buy cd&#39;s to keep everything in funk. They&#39;re just too damn expensive, it&#39;s either a music cd or DVD and i choose DVD

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    same here hankus.

    I feel DVD are a much better value for entertainment dollar, then CD&#39;s are. I still buy great cds, that I feel are worth is... 50cent of recent, Linking Park, (though thats questionable, as its good stuff, but only 37mins). But dvds have for the most part, at least ones i buy, a couple of hours of movie, a few hours of extras.

    I think alot of the music industrys loss is comming from this, dvd sales have risen greatly along while cds sales have dropped... and americas disposable income hasnt raised that much, to compensate.

    So is it piracy, or is it dvds, and video games... both of these industries have surged greatly in the past years... where the economy has flatened out, and maybe even dropped of late... dont get me wrong, piracy has some effect... but its not the cuase of the RIAA&#39;s over pricing woes...

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    I understand where everyone is coming from with the high CD prices, but I figure if we don&#39;t buy then there soon won&#39;t be any music left (cd wise). I have actually been getting some really good deals on CDs. I am usually paying about &#036;10 for a CD which to me is outstanding. &#036;10 for 100s of hours of listening pleasure. To me the only time you are getting ripped off is if you are buying Linkin Parks and other mainstream acts. I am not saying that these bands are bad (although I don&#39;t like most their music), but for the amount of money the record companies put into these bands they have to get theirs. I know that this is probably seen as treason on these boards, lol, but that is just the way I feel.

    But it is cool if that is the way you feel.

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    Yeah but hey man i&#39;m a high school drop out i need all the &#036;&#036;&#036; i can get. 10X60=600 That to me aint worth it. I instead bough a &#036;200 mp3 - head unit for my car and im set. All Im saying is i would buy everything if i was rich. But im not so i take what i can get. And Like it.

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    I understand that Hankus, but I am a college student without a job. But to me music is life and I am willing to do without a coke, or a candy bar in order to purchase a music cd.

    I know not everyone is as adamant about music as myself, so I understand that most don&#39;t feel that it is worth the money for a CD.

    To each his own.

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