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Thread: Installing a second HDD...

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    I'd like to install an extra HDD so I have more space for storage but I have a important question I'd like to ask before I proceed.

    To start off, let me explain my situation.

    I have a SATA HDD that I use as my primary drive. The second drive that I wish to install is an older IDE drive.

    Now if I install the drive, how do I make sure that the IDE drive isn't used for booting?

    I've looked though my MB's manual, and it hardly helps. The only thing that seems remotly helpful seems to be the Boot --> Hard Disk Drives section.

    For reference, my MB is an Asus A8N5X which has a Pheonix-Award BIOS.

    ...Or will just changing the boot order work?

    And does the IDE drive need to be set as master or slave? (Master, I suppose)

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    If the drive is blank then it won't boot. Just connect it as a Master and bootup you PC. Once you get to your desktop go to Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management. You can partition and format the drive the way you like it there.

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    Your IDE drive should go on the primary IDE connector and set as master but anything else already on that connector (dvd burner) may already be mastered and would need to be changed to slave. Also the hard drive needs to be connected to the end connector of the ribbon and anything else slaved on the middle ribbon connector.


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