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Thread: Iso?

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    hi i just downloaded the movie Red Dawn, archived it with winrar, and extracted it to another folder. now what do i do to burn it onto a cd play it in my divx player? do i need nero?


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    Humm, I don't get it, is the file you got, an ISO?
    or you dld. an ISO and extracted files from it?
    if so, could you brieflly describe the files you get?

    Generally, the movies you dld, and are in ISO format, are DVD-R (4.5GB),
    was your file that big?, cus then you don't have to decompres it,
    just get a blank DVD-R, go to Nero, and chose 'Burn Image to disc'...
    That easy, I just did that with Starship Troopers.

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    yes i think it was DVD-R when i downloaded it, but i read some other post which said to decompress it with winrar. i did that and now ive extracted it so its one iso file again. if i do burn it to a dvd-r, wont i need a dvd burner? is there any way to just burn it like a divx movie on a regular cd with a cd burner?

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    You can't use a CD burner 'cause you won't have the necessary space on a blank disc.

    Sounds like converting(compressing) the file into a smaller format is in order.

    And what do you mean "it was a DVD-R?" That is not a file format. In fact, that has nothing to do with what you're asking.

    Tell us what type of file you're working with. You started with an image file(.iso) and uncompressed it with Winrar? That doesn't make any sense.
    Usually you would extract the .mpeg file from the .iso and then compress it to a smaller file format(like .avi). Both of which require different pieces of software
    than anything you've mentioned.

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    Ooh, I was asuming you had a DVD Burner,
    to play on a DVD Player, you could conver it to DivX to get an 'almos DVD quality',
    set the max size to 700MB or make a two part 700MB each for better result.
    For this you have to get Dr DivX.
    Or you could go the easy way and convert it to SVCD using 'WinAVI' converter,
    its a simple application and also, SVCD will play in most Players, not only DivX compatible ones.
    but bare in mind that SVCDs don't give you the quality that DivX does.
    But it depends on your time and patience.
    I myself always go for DivX.
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    If you going to download regulary i would recommend you get a dvd writer, will save you a lot of time compressing movies which can take hours.

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    If you want it on a Cd to play as a Vcd on a TV then you need a virtual disk like Daemon tools to act as your Dvd player and a program to convert Dvd to Vcd or Svcd. If you just want to watch it on the PC then Daemon tools will mount it and any Dvd player software will play it, Cyberlink Power Dvd or Nero Showtime or even Vlc Player (I think thats what its called) Its supposed to play anything but I haven't tried it. If you have a set top Divx player hooked up to your TV then get software that will convert the mounted image to Avi. Google Dvd2Avi (freeware).


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