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Thread: Where Can I Download Or View Full Mp3 Albums

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    Hi, im am wondering if theres a site that i can download full cd albums from in mp3 format prefereably and if not does anyone know a good site that at least lists off the Albums tracks with the corresponding Song name so it'd be easier to download albums manually.?

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    you could try, but there are not too many safe places anymore. the riaa fuckheads have taken over. a good place for albums is Soulseek. ther server is down right now but it will be back up soon i imagine. read the topic about it Here have fun.
    oha nd if you want tracklists and stuff like that


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    no probl;em

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    oh , and if your still into the sites thing try , 21st century mp3 (dont know the exact site) uhhmm....o hwhen your i na site like 21st century mp3s itll usually give links to others

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    It Depends, mainly i use sites a reference, and Kazaa for dowloading. But sometimes is more organized and convienient just to download from a site (Like when you download a file from Kazaa and it turns out to be something completely different than what its labeled cause of idiot asshole kazaa member nerd bitches.)


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