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Thread: Upload Takes Over Computer

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    how come i get a no share person now and then and i have upload set at 128Kb he sucks up my total bandwidth and slows down my files i am downloading to 2 to 14 k? i cancel him and he comes right back over and over. it makes it where i can't even use my computer because it slows down to where my mouse pointer won't move or it barely moves and i can't get any menus to drop down etc. because he is taking my total bandwidth. i have a cable modem and using klite k+++. is there a way to stop them from taking my total bandwidth? i thought setting it in options to set upload to 128 would limit them to that but they go 5 times that!!!! what can i do?????? help!!!!!!! and i also am getting alot of files i download which are not what they were named is there a way to check before downloding?
    thank you. these may sound like dumb questions but i am new to this. also i was sent an email to get kazaa premium what is the difference between klite k+++ build 3 and the kazza premium?

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    1) I honestly have no idea. Maybe someone else can help you on that.

    Tips for finding verified movies:

    After about 10 megs or 10% of the total DL of the movie, use Avipreview and see if its your movie.  Click the screen of Avipreview and an Index should pop up with some info.  If the video or audio part has 0 (zero), then its a fake.  It could also be a different movie.

    After searching and thinking you have enough users, expand the list so you can see all the users for that file by clicking the "+" box to the left of the title and scroll down and check to see if the filenames match up to the movie your looking for and read the yellow description boxes that pop up too.  Sometimes it will say if its a fake or not.

    Look at the length of the movie.  A trick I learned awhile ago is that any movie with the length of 1:02:08 is a fake. 

    Check the file size of the movie.  Make sure its reasonable.  Sometimes the movie is split into two or three parts for easier downloading.

    Check the hashes in the verifieds.  That will usually say if a movie is out or not and will usually tell of its quality.  Always check the verifieds first before looking for a movie which will save you some time.

    The idea of verified files is so that you know they exist. The Sig2Dat hashes are just a way to help get you started on the download. You still have to search for them. Kazaa constantly searches while you are downloading for more users. Searching manually just helps speed up that process.  Running a type of speed-up (Sharemonkey or KaZap) will help Kazaa try and connect to the sources you find.
    Some of the above guidelines can also be used for other file types.

    3) Kazaa Lite is much better. The version is the best of the rest. Kazaa Premium is just a rip-off and you probably have to pay. Stick with us and everything is going to be just fine. This is the most frequently updated with great features so there is no other place to go for Kazaa Lite.


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