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Thread: Limewire pro problems

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    everytime i load limewire pro, i just see a white screen and like if i wait 10 mins with out opening or closing anything, the connection part comes on

    can anyone help?

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    Sounds like a RAM problem to me...
    Either you don't have enough, or you have to much running in background when you start LW.

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    i have 1 gb of ram, and i didnt have anything running in the background

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    Whats your video card, Nvidia or ATI. Or some developer card used in rendering farms?

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    i use ATI, problem fixed after i rebooted

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    Knocky's Avatar SomeBloke
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    ??? You didint think to reboot first?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knocky
    ??? You didint think to reboot first?

    , well limewire isnt really that important, and i had alot of stuff so uhh


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