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Thread: Wireless router help,,,

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    It seems that my broadband connected has been running quite a bit slow today. I've been thinking that this could be because someone else could be using my internet connection.. is there any way i can set my router settings to prevent this from happenning?

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    4,644 you have a WPA or WEP encryption at all? If so, is it 64bit or 128bit?

    Higher encrpytion is safer but slower, however you should at the very LEAST use a 64bit encryption.

    If your connection is not protected by WEP or WPA, chances are the fat joe next door is having the time of his life wanking to pr0n movies...downing from your connection
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    ...OK ok.. I will log back out ...actually, if you log into your router... you should be able to find all the IP's that are logged in at any one moment

    most likely cause of slowing down, could be adware or spyware.. so also consider giving you computer a thorough scan...


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