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Thread: port?

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    I have been trying to read up on making my download speed faster and i've read about plugins and ports even though i stil dont understand what they are i read that i should change my port range from 49152-65535 mine is at 23456 should i change it? and that i should download an autospeed plugin but what is that and how do i use it? please help

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    you dont have to change it.

    if you have a router you should port forward it. (check the sticky thread)

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    be catious when you port forward. alot of bitcomet clients are exploitable.
    whats wrong with the speeds your getting? what kind of high speed connection do you have and what speeds do you get.

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    the main thing you need to do is have the port range you choose in your client opened, or forwarded.

    here's a helpful link, you'd hit yourself in the head for not figuring out how obvious it is (i know i did!):

    it lists pretty much every available router out there with instructions on how to forward ports on it..

    good luck.

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    Don't open that wide a range of ports. Usually 10 ports is enough... you really only need a few open at any one time.

    If you're being throttled by your ISP, 1720 seems to bypass that.


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