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Thread: Avi To Mpeg2?

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    I want to make SVCDs and I need my files in MPEG2 format and there are AVIs right now. What's the best software to convert them, edit the video, audio editing, the works. This is for Windows XP. Any help is appreciated!

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    Tmpgenc get that thats pretty much the best coz it has the most features it can have its problems somtimes too!!!

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    Or, of you would rather, try this website
    Try the navigation menu to the left, has almost every conversion possible, available. Although I heard using TMPGenc, you need to manually add on the audio using a different software, but then again, I'm not entirely sure.

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    DVD2SVCD is the easiest, it does everything for calculates the birate, converts the audio and video and it can create the cd images with chapters and you have the choice of two encoders (CCE or TMPGenc). Its all i use...

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    I tried using TMPGEnc but when I load the AVI files they give errors. All of them. It gives a very wierd a comma and an upperscript 1...Either way, I get errors with DVD2SVCD as well... Could it be a hardware problem? Codecs? Any suggestions for the best codecs? I'm using the k-lite ones right now

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    nvm, i was gonna say something like how the avi file is just a smaller more compressed conversion file of the mpeg2 (usually), its like ur doing the reverse of what was already done in the first place, very interesting. Well i dont have much experience with converting to svcds but im studing up on it. I always wondered what programs to use and stuff such as u posted, so im checkin out those links, if i were u i'd check out the forums over there at, they do alot of help with how to make files so u can release them.

    Now for ur codec questions, i run 2 codec packets. They are the best around and u wont need anymore codecs then these. And delete the kazaa codec pack, thats nothing but junk and can cause problems because its not registered codec.

    Get Nimo Codec pack, and SLD codec pack

    u can find them if u search google


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