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Thread: if i see in the bittronet window

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    ( while im in the middle of the download ) 650 mb that i'v already download,

    and in the incoming folder i see 710 mb that i'v already download

    is this o.k. ?

    or my download fuck ?

    i mean that in my incoming folder i see more 50-60 MB in comparison to what the bittronet window show me.

    what do you think ?

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    gevorg's Avatar Live and let live!
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    Does the file completes? Are there any other/hidden files in your folder?

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    Bittorrent clients generally allocate Hard Drive space as soon as the file is queued.
    So if you start downloading a 700MB file, even after only downloading 1MB, it will read as 700MB in the temp folder.
    Not really sure why they do that.
    Maybe to ensure you will not run out of Hard Drive space while downloading the file.

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    dekgol.... the reason y you see 700 instead of the actual 650.. is coz the torrent client you use has already pre-allocated the space.... which client do you use???


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