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Thread: Damaged .RAR file.

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    I downloaded AOM off Bitcomet...It came in two .RAR files, they were ISO's. The first one unziped perfectly with no problems.
    I click on the the 2ndpart of the download. Then it says "The file is either in unknown format or damaged". So then i try to use this repair feature on WinRAR. It says "recovery file not found". And when i open it manually it says "There were no archives found in the file"
    This is my 3rd try...

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    from what site did you download the torrent / which release is it?

    i think Bitcomet has a feature to check if all files are 100% complete..

    when do you get that error and what is the 'file extention' of that file?
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    Bit torrent checks the files if they are currupt so you might want to recheck the files (make sure they are complete). If everything looks alright and its still jacked up then the original seeder was seeding a currupt file to begin with.
    blah blah blah... whatever...

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    I see, thanks. : /


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