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Thread: Auditor Loses Data on Thousands of McAfee Employees

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    Robert McMillan, IDG News Service
    Fri Feb 24, 5:00 PM ET

    The auditor for security software firm McAfee may be thinking of buying some security software itself, after one of its employees left an unencrypted CD containing sensitive information on thousands of McAfee employees in the back of an airline seat last December.

    Deloitte & Touche's backup CD contained names,
    Social Security numbers, and information on stock holdings held by over 9000 of McAfee's current and former employees, McAfee spokesperson Siobhan MacDermott confirmed today.

    The information concerned McAfee's U.S. and Canadian employees hired prior to 2005--about 6000 former employees and 3290 current staffers--MacDermott said. The CD was left on the airplane on December 15, she said.

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    Soooo is there a reward ? Guy should be fired what a schmuck ! But we trust our computers to these people ?

    Ah I'm being a little harsh ,accidents happen but . Info like that is worth many dinero . Is this stuff not encrypted when it leaves the building ? I'm still shaking my head at the stooopdity of it all . Good post Fkup sure makes one wonder EH ?
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