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Thread: New LCD monitor

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    My current 17" BenQ is enough for everyday comp use, with 500:1 contrast and 12 ms response.

    But it's a bit small for movies and a bit slow for gaming.

    I want to get something that's at least 19" and have <8ms response time. As for contrast ratio and the other stuff, it can't be a bad LCD if its got less than 8ms response time. My budget is around $400-500 USD max, after I sell my current LCD and save up a bit.

    So...any ideas?

    I know...I drool over the Apple Cinema displays and other 30" LCD as well...but please keep the price realistic
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    Get a Viewsonic VX924 or the upgraded one VX932, or something, they're fecking awesome, Lol <--- sorry that's not being biased, I just own one.
    It's hot in Topeka.

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