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Thread: old folk songs

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    [edited from my newbie post]

    Hello, all. I've just found this site today, and joined, admittedly for a specific purpose, namely help in obtaining downloadable copies of some old songs which I am using for basic music/guitar instructional material.
    Although I am an English instructor and assistant school-administrator here, on the outskirts of Bangkok,Thailand and have been for some time, my whole life has been involved with music. Now Im teaching some of my students elementary guitar, and for basic instructional material Ive started them on some of the old folk songs that I studied while learning guitar, (old songs by Peter, Paul & Mary, John Denver, Paul Simon, etc.) I am trying to find a site from which I can download about a dozen of these songs to help with this instruction. I have no credit cards and thus no way of paying on-line, so ideally I would be most interested in a file-sharing site from which I could download these songs for free, I suppose from a site where the material is supplied by music enthusiasts as opposed to a more commercially-founded site.
    As you folks are actively engaged in this (downloading) issue, I am turning to you for help. Can you make me aware of any sites, or contributions from any members of this site, where I may obtain songs of this type? The lyrics and chords to these songs Ive found on several sites, but it would help immensely if my students could hear these songs, as nothing can take the place of actually hearing music one is attempting to learn. I'd be happy to post a list of the desired songs if someone was interested and has some songs of this type they'd be willing to share. Thanx!!

    PS ...and before any of you kids start rippin' on us dinosaurs, be advised I was rockin' in bar-bands, (from early days doing Iron Butterfly/Byrds/CCR to latter days doing Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, Samhain/Danzig, Motorhead, etc..) before many of you were even a twinkle in someone's eye!

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    ..RockerBKK as I said in your noob post in the lounge and on our forum at Ballad, you can find them all on the opennap networks... but you have to log on with a client, to do that...


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