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Thread: fastest edonkey settings please

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    Please help me with the best settings! I use a computer just for downloading on edonkey. It is has a Pentium 4 3.06 CPU, 512mb RAM, and a Motorola Surfboard cable modem (wired).
    One night it was downloading at over 300 then it stoped. Can someone please give me some good settings to get fast downloads again. I don't care how fast I upload just as long as the downloads are fast. Thanks for any help....

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    You can try using Emule Morph. It connects to the same network so you get the same files but also connects to the decentralized KAD network. So you should get faster speeds.

    But in general, make sure emule/edonkey is allowed by your firewall. If you are using a router make sure to forward your ports. In emule (i would assume the same about edonkey) you can select what server to connect to. Always make sure you are connected to the server with the most files. In emule, you can get a high ID and a low ID. Always make sure you have a high ID because it means you are fully connected to the network. Low IDs mean something is wrong and will get you slow speeds. Make sure to upload as you get rewarded when you download.
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    u have to upload something for downloading
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