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Thread: Can anyone confirm this for me...?

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    Hello all...though i'd start off with a question...

    I found this torrent on

    Microsoft Windows Xp Professional Corporate Sp2 Integrated February 2006 Multi Image Eth0

    i could post a link but i think this may be against the rules...

    I'm downloading it with azureus at the moment, can anyone confirm that this version actulally works??


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    anyone...? help a noob out

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    I have know Idea if it works but a word to the wise " Beware of Operating Systems on public trackers". I do not d/l anything from public trackers. Just my 2cents..

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    The same torrent exists also in torrent leech so I assume that it should be ok.

    I have downloaded it but still haven't use it.

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    hmm, no pubic trackers? i just thought it would be nice having all the latest hotfixes....can no1 else confirm this one to be working?

    bump bump...anyone confirm this as working? i dont wanna reformat and be stuck without a computer
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    The same torrent is at TorrentLeech, and all of the comments are positive. Most people are saying things like "it works, thanks."

    Seems fine to me...

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    yo..Download from

    that one worked for me..
    +microsoft is can get updates, I'll tell you how after you're download is finished

    From the microsft pro +sp2

    good Luck

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    it finished within 4 hours thanks for confirmation guys!

    ...i'm guessing its just a serial for this one? seeing as its the corp edition...?

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    yea.. i'm assuming it's a version integrated with SP2 and all the updates up until feb.06.. i'm guessing it's ok, i'd download it if i didn't have plenty of Windows versions as it is..

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    A friend of mine downloaded this when he re-formatted. Works fine. :up:

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