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Thread: IP Address.

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    When I goto WhatIsMyIP my IP address comes up to be
    But when I do ipconfig in CMD Prompt my IP comes up to be

    I do have a router that my computer connects to.

    Why are the IP address's different?

    Also I wanted to know if the the router works, because before I reinstalled Windows and used BitTorrent to download I always had a NAT Eerror. Now it doesn't give me that error. I can't access the router settings, because the guy who installed the wireless internet for our motel wont tell me the password to the router(Yes I tried "admin").
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    The 192.168.x.x is you local network IP address and has been created by your router. The local one isn't seen outside your local network.

    The 66.x.x.x is a wide area network (WAN) IP is the one your modem uses to connect to your ISP.

    Your router works if you can communicate.


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