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Thread: Not Connectable: Need Help

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    I need some help. I am using Bittornado. I am running windows XP, and I don't have a router, I use a sdsl external modem for running on the internet. I am only behind the windows xp firewire.

    I have been using torrents for over a year now. Always get the yellow light and I am not connectable. I get download at top speed for me at 80 kbs and uploads at about the same. Of all of the sites I am a member of says I am not connectable. I have never gotten the green light.

    I beleive I would get faster speeds if I was connectable. If suggestions.


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    Open a command prompt.
    Type ipconfig
    You may need to use the scrollbar if some of it goes of the screen.

    If your computers ip address is 10.x.x.x 192.168.x.x or 172.16-31.x.x then you are behind a connection sharing device and you will have to find it and configure port forwarding on it.

    To configure the windows firewall follow these instructions.
    bittorrent uses TCP. Look what port your bittorrent client is set to use in it's preferances. If you are using an old one that wants a range of ports then set it
    to use a range of say five ports and set seperate rules for all five ports.
    It's generally best to use a random port number between 2000 and 65535 rarther
    than the usuall bittorrent port 6881.

    instructions for XP service pack 1

    instructions for XP service pack 2
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    in all likelyhood, its the port you are running. I found its best to use a number between 49000 and 65000.


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