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Thread: Sound Card Problems (Code12, Port Prob?)

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    i'm setting up a second lower quality rig with parts i have laying around and i have everything installed and working properly with the exeption of the sound card.

    it's an older 5.1 soundcard that i know works as i had it in my main rig until i upgraded the sound card and the whole system a few months back. i installed it... windows detected it and installed the drivers correctly from the cd (no newer drivers), i then reset the computer.

    no sound came on... ok. no problem. in windows xp i went into control panel/sound and selected the card instead of the onboard it was using... restarted again. no sound again. after that i wasnt sure. i went into the bios and disabled onboard sound thinking that would possibly cure me... to no avail.

    tried a few things after this... i went into sound again and found the game port that it installed, ok this is my first clue, it says this:

    This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

    If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.

    i googled this with sound card and found that it's possible that it's sharing a port with something else thus not able to run. this is were i am lost as i have no knowledge of ports and bios settings. i tried changin the pci slot that i had it installed in but it doesnt seem to matter where its located.

    if it will help anyone, help me, with this... the system is:
    amd 64 3000 socket 939
    gigabyte k8 nforce 3 board
    2 gigs pc3200 ram
    9800 pro video card
    good psu
    the sound card is older and even though i kept the box the only thing i would consider a manufacterer name is "sound card 0 cmi8738".

    if anyone can help... i would like to get this second rig up and running with sound as it will be a simple gaming pc and possibly some media.


    edit: also says "Input/Output Range 0201 - 0201 not available."
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    got it... no need for reply. thanks for reading.

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    i think i have that same mobo im using 5.1 surround sound the software for audio it comes with is nice...


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