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Thread: movie assignment

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    i was wondering if anyone has seen the movie the squid and the whale and if you hvae and can you please give me some in depth info on the theme of the movie.

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    here is the place to ask- a forum devoted to that movie
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    is everything.
    Interesting Facts
    • Anna Paquin in this film has a romantic relationship with Jeff Daniels, including several scenes of intimacy. In Fly Away Home, a movie from nine years earlier, she played Jeff Daniels' loving daughter.
    • Bernard Berkman makes frequent mention that he is a fan of the New York Knicks. Given the time period of the movie, the character Walt Berkman is likely to have been named for early-1970s Knick star Walt Frazier.
    • The film is named after an exhibit found at the American Museum of Natural History.
    • To get into character for this film Jeff Daniels spent six months subsisting on a diet of plankton. So dedicated was he to his character he was found beached near Florence, Oregon.
    • Filmed on 16mm.


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