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Thread: Edonkey Issues

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    I operate off a billion adsl modem router on 1500/256kb and keep getting one of 3 problems

    1. Queued for server
    2. Cannot connect at all
    3. If I do connect I download at point 5 kb

    I am pretty new to this, and would appreciate any simple advice or tips where I can get it.....

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    Are u getting the "You have LowID, your port 4662 is not reachable, plz check the dockumation faq.............." message??
    port 4662 tpc/udp must be open
    port 4672 udp must be open, other wise U'll get LowID

    What files are u downloading? Does the files have many sources?
    The popluar will give u more wating time, due that many ppl are trying to them. WQhat are ur settings for up- and download?

    Try have a look in the SR forums. Many ppl have had the same problems as you, and just as many have come with good and creative soloutions.


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