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Thread: an invite for torrentbytes and torrentIt please?

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    hi i used to be a member at torrentit but before i went on holiday i obviously forgot to let a few torrent sites know i was going away and i got auto pruned from a few sites

    the biggest 1 of them being torrentit , so can someone please invite me? i think somebody invited me to that site before via these forums so maybe my luck will hit twice

    also iv never been a member of torrentbytes but would love to, does anyone have a spare invite me for on that site? ?

    heres my ratio from
    Welcome back, oxygenuk [logout]
    Ratio: 1.488 UL: 10.59 GB DL:7.12 GB Act: TS 0 TL 0
    theres another couple of sites im joined to aswell with a good ratio, so if you need any further proof just ask

    thank you in advance very much!!!

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    torrentbytes doesnt do invites, sorry.

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    oh damn that sux lol, do u know when they open for signups or anything?

    ps: im still intrested in the TiT invite, my email is oxygenuk @ gmail . com by the way, i forgot to include it in the first post.

    ps: i also have 10 dididave invites and 50 bitnation invites, if anyone requests a trade lol

    edit: how about an oink invite too guys, does anyone have a spare one of them too? i love my music and heard oink is awesome

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    i also have a demonoid invites to trade now aswell if anyone intrested?

    come on people, plz


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