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Thread: Private Trackers: Reviews and Opinions

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    There seems to be alot of people asking which private trackers are good and what they have that makes them so good.

    Why are private trackers popular....>

    In this thread i will review a few of the PTs that i visit regularly and hopefully others will add there opinions and reviews of these and others. Please don't put what you don't like, simply list why you like it and what kind of torrents its good for..

    Hopefully this will serve as a good guide for people new to this forum or to private trackers in general... and also maybe annoy the hell out of people if they like the sound of a site but can't get an invite!

    Please no invite posts in this thread!

    Ok so here goes...

    Scene Torrents: ScT

    Max Users: 10,000
    Registered Users: 9556 (226 unconfirmed)

    Registration: Invite only

    ScT is a very good private tracker with a smaller user base than many others, it has extremely fast pre-times and is good for new scene releases like, films, games, apps, music, games and XXX. The uploaders have very fast upload speeds and so do many of the users as well, which can sometimes lead to users with mediocre upload speeds to have to work hard to keep a good ratio. This, however, does mean that you get the most recent releases in your hands very quickly and because they are scene releases they are normally very good quality. This is not a speciality tracker so you won't find rare stuff here but sometimes and old film might pop up if has been re-ripped.

    Probably my most used PT because of speed of uploaders and pre-times.


    Max Users: 30000
    Registered Users: 20,091

    Registration: Normal/Invite

    BitMe is an e-learning only tracker, i recently had the privaledge of signing up not through invite just open registration This site is amazing if you are interested in Audio Learning, Art, College Lectures, Documentaries, e-Books, Languages, Magic, Medical, Stock Photography and many other terms most of which i don't understand like 3D Buzz and AppDev. My personal favorite is that they have alot of martial arts and health training videos and e-books. I haven't been signed up for long so i cannot really comment on the lastability of it but it has proved to be a great find. At first your ratio is hard to keep up because they have a delay system for lower ratio users, the solution is uploading your self which you don't have to be authorised to do it just has to be something they accept. In terms of speed it is not the best but because the files are worth waiting for it doesn't really matter.

    Torrentit: TiT (RiP)

    Is no more Maybe it will come back but looks doubtful.


    Max Users: ?
    Registered Users: 665468

    Registration: Normal/Invite/Guests Allowed

    A pretty large site with a wide variety of torrents including Anime, E-/Audio Books, Comics, Games, Apps, Movies, Music, Tv and many others. There is no Pr0n on demoniod so don't go looking here for your fix.. As it is a large site you get a wide variety of torrents available, however, it does not seem to have scene releases (although they may be there just renamed). Keeping a good ratio on this site is not to difficult as long as you are not a hit'n'runner, the stats take 24hrs to update and sometimes there are mistakes, but thats not to much of a big deal. Invites are pretty easy to get so just ask around and i'm sure someone can help you The forums are pretty active and useful interms of guides and general info. Overall a good site for general bittorrent use and the dowloading speeds are always quite resonable, but as anyone can upload they can be slower depending on uploaders bandwidth limit.

    Please add to this thread as it will be useful for people to get an idea of what is available at a PT before endlessly hitting the refresh button on a signup page or trying to get an invite from anywhere or anyone

    p.s i have no invites for these sites so don't PM in hope.... request it in the invites section here

    Also if you want to know how to keep a good ratio look here..>
    or here...>

    Torrent Leech

    A relatively large user base, not sure of exact figures.

    Registrations: Signup & invite.

    This is another site that focuses mainly on scenereleases, however they also do occasionally have non-scene releases of dvds e.g they are releasing the 250 imdb movies in dvd format - which i think is very cool. Again you have Films, apps, games, music, xxx, e.t.c. I like this site because there are always leechers so it is not to difficult to maintain at least a 1:1 ratio and the downloads speeds are always pretty fast. In terms of scene releases they are not as fast as sites like ScT but they still get there

    p.s i have no invites for these sites so don't PM in hope.... request it in the invites section here

    Also if you want to know how to keep a good ratio look here..>
    or here...>

    Please do not spam/promote your own torrentsite here.
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    I love torrentit, I have not used the other 2 you've listed. However, I always get great speeds on TiT in the 500kb's and the community is very good.

    Torrentit has a wide array of XXX, Movies, apps. It's a general type of tracker.
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    love em all!

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    a couple of other good private sites are torrent leech, torrentbytes, oink, and torrent-damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finius
    a couple of other good private sites are torrent leech, torrentbytes, oink, and torrent-damage.
    Why are they good? What kind of files do you get there? etc...

    I would review them all but i don't have access to those ones

    Quote Originally Posted by XPy
    private torrents usually get a lot more speeds with quality uploaders with very impressive lines, so the delivery time to more people is a lot less with private servers, u arent allowed to hit and run because you have to maintain a certain ratio (the amount of download=amount of upload).

    most private servers have a 0day pre-time which means your the first ones to get it :> some private servers only host torrents on their tracker up to a specific amount of days, then it gets deleted.

    so some private torrents won't have 1 or 2 year old stuff whereas public ones might. Other privaet servers also have a request system, where you can request old stuff, but usually the 0day pre-time servers dont.

    heres a few trackers im personally on, and can speak from experience: (no request system - torrents stay only for 21 days)
    -quality tracker
    -very private, no invite system
    -very fast speeds
    -active admins and support
    -variety of torrents (PS2,xBOX games, dvd-r,xvids,XXX,music...etc)
    -0day release tracker (request system)
    -request system
    -lots of old AND new stuff
    -quality releases (VERY FAST PRETIMES)
    -speeds are decent too
    -a lot more variety to choose from

    (*all these trackers below and above have something in common, they all require/stronly advise you to maintain a certain ratio, 1)
    some other ones are


    try to look for some quality ones, some sites have a really tight sign up, such as torrentbytes, sometimes its luck :> and some generous people might pop you a few invites too.

    hope this helped
    Posted by XPy here>
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    i'm pretty happy with demonoid. huge selection and great community. i ended up not even using torrentit, the downloads were super fast, but the content was few and not really great.

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    They are all great trackers. Love ->, its the best e-learning site out there.

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    Private site?whats that?

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    I liked alot... using past tense because it appears to be gone at least for while (maybe because of the recent legal scare)

    I liked it because good torrents last a long time and in most cases gaining back ratio is not a problem. Not always the best speeds in the world, but I think ratio management is more important than DL speed anyway. The balance of how things tend to work out on TBK with ratio and number of seeders and leechers is good; torrents don't have a limited life span so people don't obsess over making sure they get lots of ratio "right away" from a torrent.

    hopefully it returns.

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    filelist hands down the best, fast downloads and almost never down

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