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Thread: Need help with M$ Access

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    This is the question I got (the english is terrible in this assignment for some stupid reason).
    Using your template in Task A, 2, ii, as 'formletter' and potential member as 'datasource', produce acknowledgement or invitation letter to potential members by mail merge technique.

    Task A, 2, ii is basically a word document with a letterhead. potential member is a form and table (and webpage), which is basically a registration page. askig for surname, name, username, address, etc.

    can anyone help? I am baffled with this question. Its the last task I need to do in this assignment but I have no idea how to do this
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    I have never done it with Word but did a few years ago with Publisher, but I would set up the table in Acess of the potential members. And add a few "prospects"

    Then I would go into Word and type out the invitation letter and save it. Then I would go into the Mailmerge option of Word (probably Under Tools Mail Merge and merge the document with the prospects table.

    Hope that is a start.




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