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Thread: need and invites (trades and ratio pic inside)

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    heya.. i've been wanting to get into for months now, and has been getting quite a buzz, so i wouldn't mind joining them too..

    i have invites for and that i can trade, as well as my ever most sincere gratitude..

    my e-mail is phalex followed by gmail and then dot and then com.

    here's my ratio sheet from several sites i'm on:

    as you can see, i'm a very trustworthy guy.. i have plenty to share and upload (movies, music, TV, porn, apps, games), and i ALWAYS try to keep my ratio well above 1.0, just so i can have a buffer zone if a torrent appears that i just must have, my ratio doesn't suffer for it.. but, as you see, i have greatly exceeded the 1.0 mark on some sites, with 2.5 on OiNK, 1.27 on empornium, 4.6 at, and i'm very proud of my 4.4 ratio on X264, but they're a new up and coming community that hold much potential, so there's still a few seeders and plenty of leechers..

    i don't have a fat pipe (768/512 DSL), so i'll rarely pass the 100GB mark on any given site, but i can still pump gigs worth a day, especially since my machine is on 24/7..

    like i said, i'm a pretty trustworthy person to have in any community, and i hope someone will give me a chance with a or invite..

    thanks in advance..

    PS: if you send an invite, send me an email if you want an OiNK or X264 one, and i'll send you one right back..

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    if u didn't got one send me pm i'll give u one


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