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Thread: Recommend some PC Games

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    Hi from Celebs

    I wonder if someone could post some details on games that you recommend

    I've only got into PC games in the last 8 weeks,
    graphic quality and gameplay, the wow factor, damn what have I missed.

    The type of games i'm into at the mo & played so far are, Call of Duty 2, Sniper elite, The Punisher, FEAR, The Regiment.
    I think i'm off to a good start as i'm well into them.

    Could not get into Doom 3, I just found it too dark, damn shame in a way
    But i'm not knocking it.
    I'm not really into racing games, but had a go on Need for speed most wanted, what can i say, excellent, best yet I've played.
    Toca Race driver 3 was ok, but reminded me why I got put off from racing games, I'll stick with NFS.
    Quake 4 I've only just got, not had the time to test it out yet.

    got any favourites?

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    DorisInsinuate's Avatar Four Star Cynic
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    X-COM: Apocalypse, Transport Tycoon. The oldies are the best.
    It's hot in Topeka.

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    peat moss's Avatar Software Farmer BT Rep: +15BT Rep +15BT Rep +15
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    Just installed Half-Life 2, its hard but fun reminds me of Halo and Resident Evil rolled into one . The bundled Counter Srike is ok too. The FIFA soccer is great too any version.

    I know what you mean Celebs , I'v had a computer for years but just started to play games on it . Alot of workmates are playing Final Fantasy online thats all they talk about .
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    DorisInsinuate's Avatar Four Star Cynic
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    Ground Control and Starcraft <- another couple of great strategy games, coming from a guy who doesn't like strategy games :/

    Swat 4 is good fun. Especially the bit where you can tase an old lady.
    It's hot in Topeka.

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    Its magic baby!
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    it depends what king of style you like, mmoprg's are fun like city of heroes, first person shooters half life 2, far cry, if you like cod2 try battlefield 2 (very addictive ) been getting into rts games recently.. dawn of war is good and battle for middle earth is decent as well. and if you want a generally good game i would go for gta san andreas...

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    silent h3ro's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +9BT Rep +9
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    I'm currently playing DoD: Source, Galactic Civilizations II (prolly the best turn based strategy game I've every played), Battlefield 2 and expansions, and Guild Wars is great too (no monthly fees). SWAT is awesome like already stated. Search on Gamespot and they have pretty accurate ratings on some good games.

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    S!X's Avatar L33T Member BT Rep: +5
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    DOD Source

    I havent played FEAR yet but my friend says its some pretty crazy shit, I'll have to get it from him sometime. I guess id recommend that too if your comp has the balls to run it.
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    Thanks for the info:

    I've just had a go on half life 2, Very nice & runs great.
    One hell of an install but well worth it, this ones to keep I think, just the type of game I'm looking for, Thanks guys

    I've got FIFA 6, Far Cry, Swat 4 + Stetchkov Syndicate on the shopping list

    Had a good bash on COD2 last night, bit of a job to tear myself away from it, that is just one cool game, and I've proved myself wrong about games.
    I've got a PS2 and had it for quite some time, and it's sat there for quite some time as well, I used to play FF8, but all the other games I got I just could not get into at all.
    But now after trying games on the PC it's been astonishing, It's a diferent feel all together, for the first time I can say things have changed, 'bout time

    Sniper elite is just as good as COD2 in a way, if anyones into games like this go for it, you will not be disapointed.

    @ LP - Get hold of FEAR, well cool.
    It looks like the girl out the Ring, in game, She just appears when you lest expect it, with the sound turned up a bit, sure does give a good effect to the game, well Spooky!

    @ Peat - FF8: that was the only game I used to play on the PS2
    how sad was I ~ But not tried the online game, will have to take a look.
    I did try to get into the other releases for the PS2 but did not like as much as 8, I got hold of a copy for the PC, but after playing the latest games available, I'll give it a miss now.
    But you can see where i'm coming from, the games I've played previous to the last 8 weeks were previous to the Year 2000, I've missed out on whats been happening since, I'm just glad i've got the time now on my hands to enjoy them.

    @ Dorris & Gam - I've got Swat 4 on my list, nice one, & thanks to Gam for the link to Gamespot, good site for info

    @ Wizzard - now got Far Cry on the list, thanks.
    GTA San Andreas, I've replaced my copy I did have for the PS2

    I've found a use for the PS2 joypads, I got a Venom USB Converter off eBay for 6, works great with rumble active as well.
    works great on Toca race driver 3.

    Now going to give Quake 4 a bash, I maybe gone for some time

    Happy Gaming from celebs
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me


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