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Thread: Get Kazap Here

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    Kazap (taken from kpp2.10 build1).

    To install:
    Place dll in Kazaa Lite folder
    Open Kazaa
    Goto Options>More Options>Plugins>Add>...
    Select kazap.dll
    Press Save>Close
    Restark Kazaa Lite


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    Apr 2003
    it all works til u get to more options i dont c nething saying that but i c Kazaa Lite options and i clicked on that and i cuz not find plugins plz help me

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    I wouldn't recommend Kazap as there's been talk that it can limit your download bandwidth to 50Kb's. Why do you think it's been removed? Your better off using Speedup.

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    @tiba06 Are you using the latest version of kazaalite? if yes, then i suggest a re-intall. If No, then go HERE

    @Leech_Killer Its for all those that keep asking for it.


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    I don't see any diff in dl speed by using kazap.
    Where is real proof it limits your bandwith?
    This should be an easy test to conduct!
    Key word in your sentence "Talk"

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    KaZap is KaRap, glad its gone, f**cked my dl speed, altough if you like a dirty whore, bang her all you want.


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