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Thread: Need Your Help PLease

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    i have Emule in my Pc and a dial up conection
    but i can not use Emule can any body tell me how can i use it? and the way to make it works?
    and should i have to dowload ProxyCab Or other program to my Pc to make it work?
    many thanks to you all
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    You shouldn't need any other software to make it work, are you having prblems opening it or just with using it.

    If it is problems using it I would read more on the emule website/forums I'm sure they have a ton of information over there.

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    you dont know how to use emule?
    or you just have problems configuring it?

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    Just double click emule.exe and lets begin.

    With next,next,next complete setup and at the and program ll ask u your line speed. Click custom , write your d/l & u/l speed. This is enough for the beginners.First go to server section and right click a server and connect.If evriting is ok u ll see Highid on wright side.
    Now go to search section. Write there what r u looking for.

    Maybe I can put here with the pictures in the future.


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