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Thread: .rar ... rXX: how to burn these?

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    I've seen these types of image compilations before, but never tried to burn one. I've always gotten ISO and BIN torrents.

    How do you burn these? Every rar contains a 500+ MB file. I can guess that each rar contains a piece of the complete image, but am I supposed to uncompress ALL of the rar's resulting in several gigs space used up just to burn one 500 MB CD?? I see that the first .rar is the only one that contains a cue file. Then there's this SFV file... dunno what that is.

    How to burn these?? Thanks in advance... confused...

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    with winrar installed, rightclick ANY ONE of the .r?? files, and select "extract here"
    the pieces will extract complete
    more then likely your rar's will only have one 500MB file when youre done. and not one for each
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    Thanks! It worked. I unpacked the first RAR and the BIN inside burned on to the CD properly. The successive rar's got CRC errors if unpacked individually.

    It through me that the uncompressed contents of each piece is the full BIN size. I of course figured that it means each of those files is mostly zeros. But now that I think of it that's just the RAR option to compress to multiple segments... I knew about that, but didn't think it made these "zero-files" for each segment. Arg... sometimes the more you know, the dumber your questions can end up being.


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    I never burn cd images anyway unless its an OS, its just a waste of a cd. Usually i jsut use magiciso to extract the files from the images and install from the extracted files, much quicker than burning a cd.

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    rXX files are just splitted archieves, so any of them will extract the one file...It works just the same way as partX.rar files, if you ever see those too ^^

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    and whach out you have all the part's too


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