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Thread: uTorrent - seemed to cause IDS flood (DOS?)

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    I've been using Azerus (sp?) and BitTorrent for all my needs. The other day I decided to give uTorrent a whirl. By chance I also happened to try out PG2 at the same time.

    Result: I got a flood of intrusions detected by not only PG2 but also my firewall. Both PG2 and the firewall were detecting several intrusion hits per second. It continued after I shut down uTorrent... link-light on NIC going off like a friggin strobe light.

    That's NEVER happened to me before

    I unplugged the comp for a while and switched back to BitTorrent also disabling PG2. Everything back to normal; only an intrusion hit every minute or two.

    Then later I tried uTorrent again (without PG2) and again a flood of several intrusion hits per second in my firewall. Continued after I shutdown uTorrent.

    Now back to BitTorrent and everything is normal again. Just the usual flow of hits in the firewall IDS... link-light on NIC reflecting the same traffic flow as firewall.

    What's up with uTorrent???

    edit: Note that the unusual IDS hits were in my firewall also (with or without PG2)... and only if I run uTorrent... so this is not something that PG2 is "revealing".
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    they are probably just false positives. Its just people trying to connect to you to grab some of the torrent and your stealthed so they dont get a reply and try again and again.

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    Hmmm... so I guess uTorrent must be a magnet for that or something at the moment. From what I understand PG2 blocks IP's other than just the big brother types ... like highly offending p2p trouble makers (because apart from my firewall, PG2 was also getting flooded).

    it seemed to be bordering on being a DOS or DDOS attack ... it was on a very low end comp (equipped with DSL though), so it was having a hard time with it...

    too bad ... I like how uTorrent is just a standalone compact EXE ... nice and elegant ... and not a resource hog at all

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    I just wanted to add that the "hits" that were showing up in PG2 while uTorrent was running were "Allowed" IP's; it was my first time using PG2. So uTorrent was not attracting hits from the bad guys, just a bunch of people doing port scans for whatever reason. I of course set up uTorrent to act as a server unimpeded by the firewall, so I don't know why these people were hitting my other closed ports.

    but just wanted to clear up that detail, that the uninvited hits weren't the bad guys.
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    <oops; repeat post, sorry. browser acting up>
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