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Thread: Urban Chaos

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    Just wondering has anyone played it before?

    I have it, had it since 2003 and its kinda like GTA III and Vice City and SA. Here is a review:


    Urban Chaos is a third-person action-adventure that takes you into the under life of crime and turmoil in Union City, a thin guise for life in any big metropolitan area. The game is set at the turn of the millennium and Union City is experiencing a phenomenal new wave of violence and crime, and new gangs have sprung up with more power and aggression than ever. As D'arci Stern, you must complete the menial tasks of being a cop, such as tackling petty crimes and such, but in the larger scope of things, you find out that a much bigger set of crimes and conspiracies are coming at you like a freight train

    This game is a tie with the GTA series too me, you can arrest people instead of killing them, you can ride in cars, lots of missions, even bonus missions, and missions where you can play the bad guy with his own missions, nice music, training area and more.

    Btw, i am also modding this game, so watch out for them. If you dont own, go buy it.

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    lol i rerember palying that for psx, it was shit game lol

    Smith is a bag of douche,FACT.


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