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Thread: What's the point?

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    Hey guys... I saw yesterday a couple of sites where you had like the whole divx released and stuff... but you know... it was only references, no torrents links just informations about new releases. What is the reason for people to make a web site and say: Hey new release on the market we don't tell you where it is... So anyway... Why do they do that? Is there a way to check where the files can be downloaded? Thx ! is an example of what I'm talkin about... Thx guys for the little time you take to answer me!

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    The reason the site does not link to torrent sites for the torrents that they show is simple, It is illegal.

    They are only showing you that the files exist on the internet and in doing so they are giving you the choice to do a bit of research to find them and decide if you want to dl them.

    The choice is yours!!

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    Its not a list of torrents.. its a list of the latest scene releases so you know which group has released each film first, and also so you know it should be avalable for downloading via whichever form of p2p you prefer

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    you mean


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