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Thread: worlds most advanced quadraped

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guardian website
    "A nimble, four-legged robot is so surefooted it can recover its balance even after being given a hefty kick. The machine, which moves like a cross between a goat and a pantomime horse, is being developed as a robotic pack mule for the US military," reports New Scientist.

    "BigDog is described by its developers Boston Dynamics as "the most advanced quadruped robot on Earth". The company have released a new video of the robot negotiating steep slopes, crossing rocky ground and dealing with the sharp kick. View the impressive clip here (28MB Windows media file)."
    Mildly amusing and impressive, but i can't help thinking it would have been cheaper (and quieter) to tie two children's heads together.

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    that guy does give it a pretty good boot.

    its kinda creepy. especially with that whining motor sound.

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    pretty cool
    It seems that it would be easier to use horses or dogs or something though
    it would cirtinly have to be quieted down in order to be of much use
    the creepest part is how the legs keep moving when it is stopped
    I wonder what kind of power requirements this thing has.
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    shame to see it used in a military project,
    I somehow think it would not be used as a robotic pack mule.
    it looks like it could go at a good speed

    interesting stuff
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me

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    Thats not the only thing they got 3 others on their website
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    And for the finale, icy terrain.


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